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What to see in Munich

Munich, also known simply as Munich, is one of the most fascinating cities in Germany. Located in the region of Bavaria, Munich is famous for its history, culture, cuisine, and beer gardens. If you are planning a trip to Munich, this article will help you plan your itinerary by listing some of the city’s main attractions and how to visit them in three days.

Day 1 Munich:

  • Start your day by visiting the famous Munich Cathedral, also known as Frauenkirche. The cathedral is famous for its distinctive twin towers and its central location in the city. After the visit, take a stroll in the city’s historic center and admire its historic buildings and squares.
  • For lunch, try some of the Bavarian specialties in one of the city’s traditional beer gardens. Try the “weißwurst” (white sausage) and “(pretzel) paired with a Bavarian beer.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Bavarian National Museum to discover the history and culture of the city and the region of Bavaria.
  • In the evening, head to the Hofbräuhaus, one of the most famous beer gardens in the city, founded in 1589. Here you can enjoy live music and traditional festivals.



Day 2 Munich:

  • Start your day by visiting the Munich Castle, also known as Schloss Nymphenburg. The castle is famous for its magnificent gardens and its collection of art and historical furnishings. After visiting the castle, take a walk in the gardens to admire the beauty of nature and architecture.
  • For lunch, try traditional Bavarian cuisine at one of the restaurants in the historic center.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Munich City Museum of Art to admire the collection of paintings, sculptures and works of art.
  • In the evening, attend a concert or an opera performance at the National Theater of Munich.

Day 3 Munich:

  • Start your day by visiting the Munich Natural History Museum to discover the fauna and flora of the region of Bavaria.
  • For lunch, try German cuisine at one of the restaurants in the historic center.
  • In the afternoon, take a day trip to visit the famous “St. Anna Church” located near Munich. This church is famous for its Baroque style and its panoramic location overlooking the city.
  • For the evening, you can opt for a boat tour on the Isar river to admire the city from the water and enjoy a unique panoramic view.

Munich is a city full of surprises and attractions for all tastes. Following this itinerary, you can discover the history, culture, cuisine and beauty of the city in three days. Don’t forget to bring your comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking!