June 18, 2021
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A Novel Experience Visiting Salvador Dali Museum. Moment travel.

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona just because you are tired of your hectic routine?  Do you worry about the fact that you cannot opt for a long break because of your work schedule? Well, I follow a simple rule in my life. I take a break when I feel the need.

However, what I do is that I go for short breaks. For example, if I feel that it will not be possible for me to manage a long trip, then I go for a day’s trip to any place of my choice. A few months back I visited Barcelona for a day, and the experience was worth it. Now, since I was short of time so I decided to visit the Salvador Dali Museum, and the truth is that I still rejoice the memories. I will just give you a brief guideline if you intend to visit this place.



Dali Museum FigueresFigueres became popular due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Salvador Dali. There is no denying the fact that Dali was the most recognized artist of the 20th century. He had a vital impact on this town. I was astonished to know that about 3700 tourists visit Figueres to visit the Dali museum. The truth is that the museum has so much to offer to the visitors.

The interesting part is that the Dali museum was initially a theater. However, this theater got destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Well, during that time Dali decided to present his collection of artwork. The objective behind this step was that Dali wanted the visitors to experience a theatrical dream when they visit this museum. It will not be wrong to state that the museum is now the largest surrealist object.

The exciting part about this museum is that Dali was actively involved in the construction of this museum. He wanted to convert every little detail of this museum into a work of art. The furniture, stairs, building façade, and the patio all give a reflection of Dali’s personality.



Dali enter the museum premisesNow, when I planned a trip to this museum, then I ensured the fact that I have some background information about the artwork displayed in the museum. The benefit of this practice was that I was able to relate to things in a better way. When you get to see the museum, you will notice that it has an out of the box design. What you will love about the museum is that it has giant eggs on the top of the walls. You will also find golden mannequins, and they look more like the Oscars.

The museum has red walls, and you will notice large piles along the walls that look more like a dough. When you enter the museum premises, you will see a courtyard.

You will find a tower of tires also in the courtyard, and there is a boat on top of the tires. Now, I will like to discuss some interesting findings related to the tires here. Pirelli introduced the first radial tyre in the early seventies. Pirelli also introduced a mould which replicated the tyre tread. Now, Dali took a lot of interest in this new idea. He wanted to get the mould for him home town in Catalonia, and he created an installation there. All these actions show the multi-faceted personality of this artist.

Next, you will step into the grand hall that is quite impressive also. The ceiling has also got a different design. It is a glass sphere. There is a painting by Dali on the main walls, and it is surrounded by red velvet curtains. The curtains give a grand look to the hall. When I looked at Dali’s work, two different thoughts struck my mind. Some of his works were eye-catching while some felt creepy. For example, I saw the painting of a piano covered in plaster. I found it a bit strange.

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I noticed varying styles in Dali’s works. He made use of different themes, and that shows that Dali was a remarkable artist.



Port Alguer Dali-MuseumPORT ALGUER

You will get to see Port Alguer in the Dali museum. The painting is mesmerizing. What makes the painting a class apart is that it was produced in the open air. It gives you a structural vision of the Cadaques.

The artist made use of impressionist brush strokes, and this is why you get to witness the sea and its reflections in the painting. You also get to see two feminine figures in the painting. They are the women of Cadaques, and they carry the green water jugs on their head.

When I looked at this painting, a thought struck my mind. I felt that the artist who created this painting was in the process of experimentation. It seems that he is searching for some creative resources.



Basket of Bread Salvator-Dali-MuseumTHE BASKET OF BREAD

Another painting that caught my attention in the museum was the Basket of Bread. Dali painted this piece of art.  The interesting part is that his work is full of gastronomic objects like eggs, bread, but he presented lamb chops, lobsters and birds in his paintings.

The truth is that Dali wanted to become a cook when he was six years of age, but then he opted for painting. One thing that I will like to mention here is that bread and eggs are a recurrent theme in Dali’s paintings.




Dali's jewelryI am a jewelry fan, and I was yearning to see Dali’s jewelry displayed in the museum. You will find about 39 pieces of jewelry in the museum.  All the pieces are unique items. They have different shapes, dimensions and combination materials. Dali expressed his singular iconography through the jewelry.
Royal Heart (1953), Space Elephant (1961) and The Eye of the Time (1951) are some of the key works, and they are exceptional like Dali’s paintings.




If you are planning to visit this museum, then I will give you some tips to save you from the hassle. I recommend that you go for all-inclusive tickets from the Ticketbar. The benefit of this practice is that you will not have to buy train or bus tickets. You will have to print out these tickets and show them to step into the museum. If you plan to visit the museum in the car, then you will find underground parking, but remember that the parking area fills up quite quickly.

The museum is at a 15 minutes walking distance from the train station.

Secondly, you need to take care of the timings when you visit this museum.  What you need to keep in mind is that the last entrance time is 45 minutes before the closure. To save you from disappointment I will like to tell you that flash photography is not allowed in this museum. You cannot take backpacks into the museum also.

What I loved about this museum that not for a moment did I feel disoriented. There are arrows and numbers everywhere which show you the direction of the place. You should follow these arrows if you do not want to lose track. If you are a fan of the artwork, then visiting Dali’s museum will be a treat for you. If you only have a day to visit this wonderful place, then make sure that you plan everything in advance so that there are no last minute delays.

Dali Museum The GeniusGoing to this museum may sound bizarre for some, but surely demonstrates the genius in Dali. If you feel that you will not be able to tour on your own, then it will not be a bad idea to get in touch with a guide also so that he can help you in your tour. The more you know the place, the more you will enjoy the trip. Every painting tells a story, so you will not even realize how quickly time passes. One thing can be said for sure that is the trip to this museum is an experience of a lifetime.

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Dalí and his works left not only indelible traces within the surrealist artistic world, the influence of his art invaded the whole world. The surrealist movement changed the way art was perceived. However, one thing that gave Dali an edge among the other artists is that he has spontaneous art. Secondly, he had a great public personality too.

Dali was involved in all the aspects of artistic creation. Well, this included fashion, cinema, drawing and paintings. His boldness enabled him to create some of the most recognizable paintings of the 20th century. Even twenty years after his death, everyone is at least familiar with one of his works. The name Dalí is synonymous with magic and remains an icon.


If you want a peep into Dali’s artwork, then you should plan a trip to Dali’s museum right away. It is going to be an experience of a lifetime, and your love for art is bound to grow when you enjoy looking at the paintings.

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