June 18, 2021
1 Day to the Chambord Castle

An enchanting trip to the Loire Valley and the Chateau De Chambord

Are you tired of your fast life, and need a break from this tough routine? Well, if your answer is in affirmative, then it is time to head to the Loire Valley. Well, when I talk about the Loire Valley, then it is called the Garden of France, and there is a reason behind it. It personifies the beautiful architecture and history also. I went to this beautiful valley a few months back, and I cannot get my mind off it. Looking at the farmlands, vineyards and the beautiful woods was a mesmerizing sight. Now, this calls for exploration. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Your trip needs to be well- planned if you have a single day for the trip. Well, I want people to make the most out of my experience so I will give you insight into my trip.


I am of the opinion that when you plan to visit any place, then you need to have detailed information about the place so I will give you a walkthrough. When we talk about the Loire Valley, then what you need to know is that the valley spans about 280 kilometres. The valley can be found in the middle stretch of the Loire River in central France. The interesting part is that you will get to see asparagus and artichoke fields along the river banks. Once you visit the Loire Valley, then you will not be able to forget the fantasies associated with the different chateaus in this Valley. The one that is most talked about is the Château de Chambord.


When I visited the Loire Valley, then I had made up my mind that I will go to Chateau De Chambord. There is no denying the fact that the Chateau is recognized because of its distinctive French Renaissance architecture. The architecture is a perfect blend of the classical renaissance and the French medieval forms. It takes you about 37 minutes if you decide to go to this valley using the A10. If you are going on a day trip, then the main reason to visit Château de Chambord is that it is the largest Chateau in the Loire Valley. The building was initially constructed by King Francis 1 of France, but it never got completed. The main reason King Francis constructed it was because he felt the need for a hunting lodge. Another thing to make a note of is that the Chambord underwent major alterations during 1519 and 1547. Francis was eager to show his power and wealth. To flaunt his power he even hosted his rival Emperor Charles V at this Chambord.  When the French Revolution took place, then some of the furnishings of this building got sold. The building was even left abandoned for some time. However, during the 19th century, significant attempts were made so that the building could get restored. When the second world war took place, then Louvre’s artwork collection was moved to the Chambord.



When you walk into the Chambord, then you will get to see a film in the main building. The remarkable aspect is that the film is titled in about five different languages. I recommend that you should watch this film by all means because it gives you information about the architecture and history of the Chateau.


Food and cooking have always been an area of interest for me, so whenever I visit any historical place, I am eager to know about the food culture and kitchen. When I went to the Chateau De Chambord, then I made it a point to visit the kitchen on the ground floor.
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Leonardo Da Vinci Chambord helix staircase You will find the 18th century kitchen on the ground floor. The first floor has rooms, and the interesting thing about these rooms is that they are lightly furnished. You will even find the royal bed chambers on the first floor. I had heard a lot about the double-helix staircase that is located in the centre of the Chambord. The fact of the matter is that the staircase is world-famous. It got designed by King’s Chum, Leonardo da Vinci. The staircase ascends to the rooftop and the lantern tower. When you go up using the staircase, you can have the time of your life gazing across the vast grounds. I loved looking at the lightning rods and the chimneys. The skyline of the cupolas was also a treat to watch. Now, there is another thing that I will like to mention here. When I visited the rooms in the Chambord, I noticed that the rooms had displays with a lot of information. The truth is that it is a treat for all those who are keen to know about the background of the Chambord. Make sure that you go through these displays. Most of the displays that you come across are quite interactive, and they give you the details of the period during the history. Here I will like to clarify another aspect. The displays that you come across are not only specific to Chateau De Chambord. They also relate to the French Revolution and Royalty. Due to these displays, the Chambord seems far more captivating.


I am a person who is addicted to technology. I was so excited when I saw the Histopad tablet computers in this Chambord. The tablet offers information in about 12 different languages for the adults and the kids. If you explore the information available in the tablet, then you will get a sense of what you are looking at. If you visit this Chateau from July to September, then you can get access to hour long guided tours.


What I love about this Chateau is that the outdoor spectacles will not disappoint you as well. The outdoor spectacles are usually available in the warm season. You will enjoy the equestrian show that lasts for about 45 minutes. It features birds of prey and horses. Plus, you will also get to see riders who are seen wearing King Francis 1 themed dresses. What makes this show so enjoyable is that it brings back to life the combats of the Renaissance.


I am the sort of person who is adventurous by nature, so I do not miss out on any interesting activities. I am of the opinion that you should explore the electric boats so that you can enjoy a peaceful ride at the Chateau’s foot.

If you visit the Chateau between April to December, then you are in for some more excitement. I remember that when I checked out the entrance pavilion, then I found out a lot of eateries here, and I loved the food I ate there.

The most important thing that you should do when visiting the Chambord is that you should explore the park, and you will feel close to mother nature. When I visited the park, it refreshed me, and I felt energized to the core. The good news is there are about three dining areas that are located at the edge of the castle. You can taste a wide variety of cuisine here. I always enjoy eating the local cuisine, and you should eat them as well. Plus, the food service is great here, and you will not be disappointed in spending here.

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Chambord things to doIn the end, I will like to say that visiting Chateau de Chambord is going to be a rewarding experience by all means. However, you need to keep one thing in mind when visiting the Chambord. The visiting hours are seasonal. For example, if you plan to visit it during the summers, then it remains opens till late in the evening.

You will need to pay the entrance charges, and they have separate parking charges too. I will not mince words here, and speaking honestly visiting the Chambord is an expensive option, but the experience is worth it. Well, this is why you should dedicate the maximum hours to this Chateau, and you will not have to regret your choice. You should prepare your budget in a way that you can spend the maximum when visiting the Chambord. Make sure that you take some pictures as the memories will last a lifetime, and you will enjoy looking at these pictures from time to time.

What I recommend is that before visiting the Loire Valley and the Chambord, you should do an extensive research using the internet. It is not difficult to acquire information online anymore. When you will visit the place organized, then there are little chances that you will miss out on anything.

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