May 20, 2022
5 Incredible Scenic Drives You Can Enjoy In USA

5 Incredible Scenic Drives You Can Enjoy In USA

With such a large size, it should be no surprise to see that America has countless incredible scenic roads. You can go through National parks, beautiful coastlines, ghost towns, and so much more. But, what should you consider if you can only enjoy a single scenic drive? Any of the ones presented below can be great choices.

Richardson Highway – Alaska

This drive covers 368 miles and connects Fairbanks to Valdez. It is the very first major road that was built in Alaska and it has 2 incredible 100 miles long sections officially considered to be State Scenic Byways. If you want to, you can stop and explore some ice caves in a canoe, which allows you to see the iceberg from really close as the Chugach Mountains provide the perfect background.

Lemhi Pass – Idaho And Montana

The drive is just 2 miles long but it is enough to make memories that will last for a lifetime. The area is filled with culture and history, with the trail going through sweeping valleys and verdant forests. You will love it if you enjoy natural beauty and you get to see what trekkers do but from your car. This does include alpine meadows and jagged mountain ranges. If you are lucky, you can even see some really rare flowers you will not see anywhere else. Travelers can see the first campsite of Idaho but the true beauty is what you see while you drive.

San Juan Skyway – Colorado

The drive is 233 miles long and takes you through the picturesque San Juan Mountains. You can enjoy admirable sceneries, some incredible remote towns, and bright colors all along the way. It is highly recommended to try the drive during spring and you should also stop at the Mesa Verde National Park. You will find there the US’ densest prehistoric ruins collection.

Patchwork Park – Utah

The drive is only 51 miles long between Panguitch and Parowan but it has such a contrast between the Cedar Breaks National Monument rugged landscapes and Brian Head, which is a ski town, that you will have no idea where you are. Diversity is the name of the game here. You can enjoy wildlife habitats, historic towns, unique geologic formations, and several fun recreational options. If you do choose this drive, make sure to allow some time to visit the Cedar Breaks National Monument. You will not regret it.

Pacific Coast Highway – California

Last but not least, this is a seaside route that is 147 miles long and has incredible sceneries, fantastic stop-offs, and wide open roads. If you want to have the classic American experience of the road trip, this is where you have to go. And you do not even necessarily need a car to do it. The Pacific Coast Highway is actually one of the top rides for motorcycles in the US. You will go past mansions, Lone Cypress, famous golf courses, and a whole lot more.

Final Thoughts

Every single one of the drives above are incredible. You cannot go wrong with any choice you make. However, make sure you do your research and you are cautious since some portions can be dangerous. You do not want to end up having to hire a truck wreck lawyer when all you had to do was practice safe driving.

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